System Integration

Our system solutions are tailor-made. Our focus making these systems have been on; software development, customer feedback, choosing the right components and product range. This way we are reaching our goal of making our products; Clean, Cost efficient, with the latest technology and highest safety requirements.

Our systems are built around software solutions with the latest available technology. By doing this we are able to keep our product up to date and deliver a product that isn’t “out of date” the week after delivery. The result of this design enables us to deliver a product that is always up to date with the latest features. The design is also very compact and cost-efficient as we reduce hardware cost and wiring significantly.

CMSw supplies the following in our scope:

  • C-Grid (Integrated AC/DC Switchboards and Drives)
  • C-Redundant (Ring & X bus solution)
  • C-Storage (Energy Storage System)
  • C-Commander (Energy Management System)
  • C-Thrust (Propulsion control)
  • C-Warning (Interface and Alarm System)
  • C-Charge (Shore charging with synchronization to grid)
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