Three Retrofit Contracts awarded from Norwegian Electric Systems

A new market for Offshore Supply Vessels!

Clean Marine Switchboards (CMsw) are grateful to announce three new contracts in the offshore market awarded from Norwegian Electric Systems (NES).

The supply vessels (OSV’s) will each be equipped with an Energy Storage Container onboard (Lithium Ion Batteries) designed and supplied by NES. This enables the vessels to operate with less running diesel generators, reducing the fuel consumption and emissions significantly.

CMSw will be upgrading the Main Switchboards according to NES specifications. CMSw will also supply new shore connection cabinets with larger capacity enabling the vessels to charge from shore while at harbour. The contracts awarded is for the following vessels:


  • MSB 690V upgrade
  • New 690V Shore Connection Cabinets
  • Synchronization to shore
  • El drawings and switchboard documentation

The shore connection cabinets are under production at CMSw facilities, and the rebuilding of the Main Switchboards will be done during Q1 this year. CMSw keeps expanding into new markets and we are looking forward for a productive 2018 with new challenges, in new markets!

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